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J.Grahl Design (Pearls)

Where things come from…
Without a very long and enduring friendship with Carlos Chanu (Assail pearls), pieces like these incredible golden pearls wouldn’t be there to let me do my work around…
Thanks Bud. You have the eye.
Hand fabricated platinum, diamond, a bit of 18K yellow accent.

Sometimes I just get rattled…
18K, Plat, dia & natural pearl.
A birthing charm for a “Great” grandma.


Another favorite…
I’m a nut for pearls, it helps that they are a big part of the business,. That being said, I get to see a large number of pearls and there is always one that stands out… The Tahitian “Pistachio” color cultured pearl. Arguably the rarest of all colors , and a joy to pair with other other stones.
In this case, a gentle pink, natural, no heat sapphire, surrounded with platinum and accented with small diamonds.


Pendere (latin),Pendre (Old French), Pendant, (French /English)
Simply, “projecting downward”.
It’s interesting, to me, seeing the history of a word that describes a type of jewelry, especially since that wasn’t the original application of the word.
So this is the week of small objects hanging downward.
This time, a pearl “Enhancer”, another mis-application of a word that is used commonly in the jewelry world.
This enhancer (removable as most enhancers are) is a beautiful 13 mm South Sea white cultured pearl, set in platinum and accented with diamonds. As the word implies, an “Enhancement” to the equally beautiful 8 mm Akoya cultured pearl strand.

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Speechless! Simple and ornate! Can’t say which I like best…maybe others

*Gerry Lewy *
*Toronto, *Canada.

The week of small hanging objects…
I feel that a statement can be made in a small way, for this one, it’s the the resonance, glow and allure of gold.
This beautiful Golden Pearl, cultured in the Philippines, and a sizable 14 mm, is blended with the 18K gold in the fittings as well as the soft texture of the 18K wheat chain. Add a few diamonds for detail and it seems to be enough.

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Simply, subtly, sublime!


Beautiful - as a matter of construction, do you use a post from the pendant that is glued into the pearl? If so, do you put small grooves into the post to help it adhere?

Hi Rick,
I use platinum posts on everything I do. I drill the hole in the pearl so it’s nearly a press fit & use epoxy for glue. I just take the gloss off the wire (sand paper) . Never had a pearl come out…
Thanks, Jim

Art & jewelry…
A little different direction here, An Orchid, Hand fabricated and formed in platinum with a Tahitian Black cultured pearl.
This crosses an interesting boundary of skill sets when organic shapes come into play.
I did this piece 40 years ago so , for me, it’s reflective of a perspective of what’s learned and the growth over those years. And yet, I would do this the same way today.

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Love those golden pearls.