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J.Grahl, Archives from the pre-digital age

Old and Blue…
Here are a couple of blues , quite different is source and design,
The first, an Aquamarine from the Santa Maria mine, deeper blue
than you’ll see commercially,
The second is a unheated Ceylon Sapphire. The tonal qualities are very different.
The pieces are scanned from pre digital film photos. I’m going into our older archives to post pieces that, otherwise , couldn’t be seen. These are circa 1980 (ish). I’ll do a few a week.
The resolution is certainly not as good as the equipment I have today, Hope you don’t mind.
Hand fabricated, platinum and 18K yellow ., Diamond accents.


beautiful pieces…one day…‘sigh’

The bands keep on going…
(just how many of these things can a guy do???)
Well, it turns out to be a lot.
This is another from the photo archives, Prior to 1980, Hand fabricated 18K yellow gold, platinum, matched baguette diamonds and rounds. Scanned photograph, sorry for the resolution.

Another one from the archives … A scanned photo, circa 1980 ish…
18K, hand fabricated, approximately 1.25 ct diamond, wheat chain.
We had a Byzantine period, it probably lasted a bit longer than necessary, but… that’s how I learn.
This is a bit like a locket, the back had a full rounded form as well.

One of the lost eggs, ( Actually, lost photos, we knew were it was, just not accessible)
An 18K , wax carved framework (Beth Eyler-Wong who has worked with me since 1978), she carved the carousel animals among hundreds of other projects.
The core is a gem Rubilite, about 60+, carats,Pala material. I didn’t understand backlighting so it’s not very apparent.
Scanned photo,
circa 1979.

Here is a unique one…
A friend brought in a “match (or) Smuggler’s case” these were common in the late 1700’s.
The coin has been cut in half and a silver case made to hold (something…).
I took the hinged lid and added a hand fabricated rose gold case to hold a very nice Audemars Piquet watch movement. Had 2 sapphire crystals made to seal it , added the markers to the underside of the “Face” crystal, and made a rose gold and silver chain. The photos (scanned) show the progression of the watch emerging fron the case. Circa 1980.