[J CAD software] Microstation

Oh, yeah, this software also does photorealistic rendering, which
means that you can have basically a photo of the item you designed
before the item is ever produced! This requires some in-depth
knowledge of the program, but I can see how for many people it would
be worth the time and effort (and moolah.) Again, Bentley Systems can
be found at http://www.bentley.com . -Dan Weinstein.

Hi, Jesse, sorry for the delay. I don’t know which version is best
for jewelry. The basic version (just called “Microstation/J”) is
mighty powerful. When you enter your license into the program, the
software is “serialized”. An installation of Microstation/J which has
not been “serialized” works in a 15 minute demonstration mode, after
which it shuts itself down. This demonstration mode does not seem to
have a limited number of times it can run. There may be legal issues
as to under what circumstances someone without a license is allowed to
use this mode. You could find out from Bentley. Hope this helps. -Dan
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