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Ivory advice -questioned & found wanting

barney - i find most absolutists a breed with tunnel vision: “an
objective is an objective is an objective” - consequently there is
very little thought given to understanding a problem, only a
statement of absolute condemnation demanding an absolute and totally
impossible cessation without offering alternative action. refusing to
consider the strength, the source, the motivation of those creating
the problem with their market demands prevents any alleviation or
working around the problem toward an obtainable a goal.

below is what i attach to any items containing ivory: "Here is my
philosophy on ivory items: The articles and material exist. There
have always been, and will continue to be, collectors who want ivory
articles and material - those collectors fall into two groups: art
item collectors and modern men - those demands will not go away. The
majority of today’s tusk poaching is to supply the males of the world
who want to enhance flagging manhood with aphrodisiac material. To
not offer articles from pre-ban supplies is to create more demand for
new ivory and thus perpetuate the tragedy. If you cannot understand
this philosophy and are angry - then i have two suggestions for you:

  1. that you educate today’s men; 2. that you do volunteer work with
    abused children - they are everywhere and in far more immediate and
    heinous danger than are the elephants."