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Ivanne Binetruy - Jewelry Gallery


Ivanne Binetruy Jewellery
Toronto, ON

My work is a fusion of personality and emotion where simplicity is intertwined with joy.

Born and raised in France, I first pursued my studies in hospitality and culinary art before a chance visit to a jewellery artists studio where I discovered the art of the goldsmith. I've always been attracted to art in all its forms but jewellery was something new, it was wearable.

When I moved to Canada I decided to make a shift in my career direction and enrolled in the 3 year Jewellery Arts Diploma Program at George Brown College, Toronto. I quickly grasped my tools with confidence and embraced the learning process with passion.

Materials: Sterling Silver, 18k Yellow gold, black diamond

Photo credit: Digital By Design


The Power Of Now

Materials: Sterling silver, pencil crayons

My inspiration for this necklace came after reading the book “The power of now” by Eckart Tolle.

I am confident that this jewel brings grace and joy to the neck and reminds the wearer to live in the only moment that has ever been, the Now.

Photo credit: Digital By Design