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[Italy] Organizing an exhibition


Hallo everybody,

thanks for your messages: we will prepare responses in next future. If
someone in the big family of ORCHID wants to organise a trip in Italy, we
can help for visiting Florence and of course our school. We dispose in
Florence of a space for jewellery exibition: we would like to organise an
exibition (professionals, artists and/or student, schools…) or an
exchange-exibition Italy (or Europe)/USA or with other country. We are very
interesting too in organizing seminars/workshops in our school and/or in
country side in Toscana with groups, professionals, students,
artists…please send us yours proposals. The e-mail addresse in this
message is the private addresse of Gio, the director of the school. Is
better to re-send messages related with this message to Gio… For more
info about the school, please contact:
LE ARTI ORAFE Jewellery School Via dei Serragli 124 50124 Firenze Italy
Phone & fax +39-55-2280131 / 2280163

Gio Carbone
Phone & fax +39-55-8244300