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Italy Jewelry Design School


Hello, my name is Adam Neeley. I’m currently a G.G. and have been
making jewelry for 5 years. I would love to study jewelry design in
Italy, and would greatly appreciate hearing from everyone who might
be able to give me any

regarding the Italian jewelry schools or any other
excellent design schools. I’m currently looking at Alchimia–a
contemporary school in florence. I wish to further my skills in
design, rendering, and advanced goldsmithing. I am also very
interested in an apprenticeship any where in the world that could
teach me the same skills. This industry is my passion, but I’m
alittle lost on what and where my next educational adventure is. My
website is if you would like to view my work, but
keep in mind–I don’t an ounce of talent with web design! My email is

Thanks so much for your help, send me anything that you can think of
redarding this!!! Adam Neeley


Dear Adam, I studied in Italy and a few of the schools that shared
the studios I was in was the Lorenzo Di Medici school, and Sacci. I
went through Syracuse University so they would have some useful info
regarding resources. Also the name of the actual studio is Fuji
Studios. I hope this helps. -Tiffany