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Italy jewelry attractions

Hi. I will be in Italy shortly…Milan, Cinque Terre, and the
Piedmont near Asti. I would love some sources for silver cable and to
visit any of you there. Also, restaurant and any jewelry or
metalsmith museum recommendations. Let me know, either on or off


Milan, Cinque Terre, and the Piedmont near Asti. 

Not exactly what you ask, Jo, but good advice, I think: Milan is
fine, but I can’t steer you to anything you won’t find in a
guidebood. Cinque Terre - Well, I have no use for it, that’s all.
One afternoon was enough. Piedmont/Asti? Forget the jewelry, go wine
tasting. Unless it’s truffle season…

My recommendations for Milano–The Galleria next to The Duomo–lots
of stores and a very good antique silvermith there…Also The Castello
Scforzeco–filled with wonderful artifacts… Since I am half
Piedmontese–go have wine & great food !!! Asti is wonderful and so
are the outlying towns like Refancore…

Beve e mangia bene!!
Buon viaggio a ti!! Ciao, Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan