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Italian Company, G&S, an apology

Dear Fellow Orcidians, Recently, I wrote a letter inquiring if any of
you had ever done business with an Italian Company, G&S. I sent them
some prototypes, was corresponding with their representative, a Mr
Anthony Ditria, and then I hadn’t received the samples. I also was
questioning their quotes for certain silver products.

Mr. Ditria replied that he had been out of town and that their
intentions were still the same, to make and send me samples of what I
had requested, at their cost and explained in detail how pricing was

First of all, I would like to extend my apology to Mr. Ditria and G
& S for any doubts about them and their company. Thinking about it
now, perhaps I “jumped the gun”, so to speak and was in an "American"
hurry. I am so used to overnight service and delivery, next day
quotes that I didn’t make allowances for overseas timetables, peoples
business schedules and different cultural ways of doing business.

It was suggested that perhaps I wasn’t ready to do business at that
level, and this could be true… or not. The point for me is that I
have the desire to do so, and the potentiality. And I want to learn.

As a respected fellow Orchidian said to me the other day, there are
so many people out there today who call themselves designers, but
don’t have an inkling about the process of making jewelry. I would
like to add that there are many goldsmiths and jewelers out there who
have been at their bench for twenty plus years and are now wanting to
learn the ways of the commercial jewelry industry.

I apologize for any criticism or distortions I may have caused to
Mr. Ditria and G & S.

Mary Ann Archer
Mary Ann Archer Designs