Is lapidary hard on the hands? - Carpal Tunnel

Repetetive stress and carpal tunnel symptoms have been referred to
in a few posts on Orchid. They are often a result of vitamin
deficientcy, B-6 to be exact.

If you look at WebMD, they even suggest to use “Vitamin B6
supplements, which may help prevent or reduce carpal tunnel

Just thought that everyone might want to be aware (what person would
wish to suffer when they didn’t have to?).

Take Care,

Hi Orchidians; I wish to thank one and all who took the time to
answer my question about the advisability of risking further injury
from carpel tunnel syndrome doing lapidary work. My thoughts at
this time are that I will probably not take on that direction just
yet. We’ll look for other creative venues and see how this
gentleman’s recovery proceeds. It may very well be possible for him
to do some faceting with the use of dops. I may want to try it
myself, if I can find a local lapidary group that can familiarize me
with the many things to know about that great art. We think we may
have found some other means for him to develop income for the
business and also build his skills in other areas so that he is once
again satisfied that he has marketable skills. Funny, he has the
knowledge to manage a shop, and that would probably net him a higher
pay rate than a bench man, but not being able to do what he was
proud of makes him feel out of touch with his value as an employee.
I’m not trying to be a hero here, I just have an understanding,
based on my own research and experience, that people who have a
strong sense of self worth make better employees and that their
sense of their own worth isn’t always based on their pay check.
Sometimes it’s about knowing that you’ve worked long and hard to be
able to do something very few others can do. Of course, I think
that in itself should have a monetary value too. Finally, it’s
about marketing, in some way, isn’t it? Thanks again, all who
helped me on this concern.

David L. Huffman (crass and conniving business man in philanthropic

I found a something that helped me when I had carpal tunnel and had
spent $$ on doctors, short of surgery. Don’t laugh–I submerged my
hand about midway up my arm into a bucket of ice water and kept it
there as long as could, until it got somewhat numb)I did this this
about 4-5 times a day and within 3 days the pain was gone. I know
this seems ridiculously simple but it worked for me. I later asked
an orthopedic surgeon about it and he suggested it could be valid,
since the pain is caused by inflammation of the tunnel area where
the nerve goes through. If the cold reduces swelling and
inflammation, it may promote healing. My Caveat,of course, see your
doctor. This works for ME (and a couple of my friends I told). I do
not promote this as a medical treatment since I am not a doctor,
just telling you my experiences. Sally, Houston Texas

All, I have not suffered any damage that could be called carpal
tunnel syndrome or any other repetitive stress injury in over 25
years of daily use of facetors, stone grinding, and sawing
equipment. As I have aged many of the unhealthy practices I have
practiced in the past have slowly caught up with me. What I am
noticing is that the vibrations from the machines and the long
periods spent in one position all tend to aggravate body parts that
have been taken for granted in the past. For instance in order to
grind large numbers of cabs quickly you must have a large grinder
that you stand up to work. The larger the grinder the more
vibrations. As you work 10-14 hours you lean upon the grinder and
the vibrations work through your body. This constant vibration has
aggravated an acid reflux in my body. I have been on medication for
it for the last two years and may be on it for the rest of my life.

In faceting I have had my hands go numb from many hours of holding
the quill in the same position. Also your arm, legs, and back cramp
up after 10-14 hours on the machine. Another problem with facetors
and people who carve sitting down is body fluid accumulates in your
legs. As you get older the problem becomes worse.

As for the situation of putting a disabled employee with a repetitive
stress injury on a machine I would get a medical clearance first. I
would also contact a lawyer to make sure that you are covered in case
the work makes the injury worsen. As the employer you could lose
everything you have worked for if an injury occurs and you are not
covered. Remember, this is business. As much as you like the person
he could be an unnecessary risk.

Gerry Galarneau

    aggravated an acid reflux in my body.  I have been on
medication for it for the last two years and may be on it for the
rest of my life. 

gerry, acid reflux is caused by one thing, and that is wrong food
combining, i know this is a little off the jewelers forum track,
but that is the reason. Yes, from years of abuse the esoghogus gets
damaged, but your acid reflux will cease, without medicine, if you
follow food combining rules. If you search google,“acid reflux, food
combining”, you will read many articles on it. But you will never
experience it unless you try it for a week, yourself, although there
are many testimonials, which are very explanative. Basic rules, no
meat with starch, no acid fruit with starch! Bacon, eggs, orange
juice, toast, homefries, the all american breakfast is one of the
leading causes, steak and potatoes, no, even spaghetti with sauce,
and especially meatballs, no, and all meals downed with milk, beer,
etc. is always a wrong choice.(water)! I’m sure that most americans
disagree with this, especially in this very conservative forum, un
fortunately we were brought up this way, but it is true, and it
shows much more when you hit “aging”. please try it if you like, it
is the way. People with much simpler diets than the american,
vegetarians, people from less developed countries could also attest!
I have also been there and learned. It doesn’t take a week even,.
“If the meal is right you won’t have it that night”. starving artist