Is it appropriate to mark my jewelry 950

While we’re on this topic…is it appropriate to mark my
jewelry ".950 " when made with 95 parts Ag ? I don’t want to
confuse anyone, but I want to stamp the piece appropriately. Thanks,
Peter Slone

Hello Peter!

Novel idea! Why not? You couldn’t confuse it with platinum with such a
yellow color! Have a go at it; in five years if the FTC hasn’t tracked
you down your 950 gold (22k?) is accepted as 950. Tim

Pete- Just marking a piece " .950 " could be very confusing if not
forther modified by adding " silver" or “Ag” or some such. " 950 "
can mean “Platinum” or "Gold " so your stamp needs to better define
the metal content.

Peter, The answer is no! If you are in the United States. The
Federal Trade Commission has Reserved the marking “950” for
Platinum. The FTC would most likely have a problem with your
marking since the period would be overlooked easily and confused with
platinum. I strongly suggest that you check out the FTC’s website
and ask for a copy of the guidelines for jewelry from your local

Joe B.