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Is Hydrofluoric Acid really necessary?

Apparently not!!

As Ed Friedman mentioned in a previous post, there is a new
platinum investment remover on the market that contains NO
Hydrofluoric Acid. It is called “Quick Set Devest” and we are
carrying it. It is not in stock yet but will be very soon. I
have not tried it yet myself but if Ed says it works, that is
certainly good enough for me.

Please be aware though that it’s not non-hazardous. You need a
dust mask to mix it - it’s a powder (kind of a crystal really)
which you mix with water. And you don’t want to breathe in the
fumes or get any in your eyes or on your skin (just wash it off
right away). But it is nowhere near as hazardous as Hydrofluoric

Please give me a call if you want info on it.

Elaine Corwin
Bridgeport CT 06605
Phone: 1-800-544-2043, ext 287
or 203-366-5400
Fax: 203-335-0300
or direct to me at @ElaineEC