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Is Green gold too soft?!?

Hello once again everyone, After recently getting my membership of this site I have been loving the ability to post all my questions. Anyway here is another question.

I have an interest in green gold, I absolutely love the yellow-green colour of it. I know the hardness of 18K Green with just gold and silver (750 Au, 250 Ag) has a hardness of 35 Brinell Hardness. Copper also has a Brinell hardness of 35. Usually this 18K green with just gold and silver is totes as being too soft however many people use pure copper and it’s hardness is the same as 18K green. Is this 18K green too soft? If so why is the use of copper (which has an equal hardness) more prolific?

I’ve worked in Green Gold and it is very soft. Too soft though? It depends on what you are doing with it. I would not set a rare r expensive stone in green gold prongs on a ring that is worn every day.
Jo Haemer

Thanks for the reply, so I can use the 750 Au, 250 Ag alloy just fine then (maybe not for an engagement ring) but otherwise it will make an ok go to 18K green gold recipe? (Not like 24K or fine silver softness)

I just read some hardness values (brinells):

24K Gold, 18.5

Fine silver, 26

Copper, 45

Sterling silver, 64

18k Green Gold (750 Au, 250 Ag): 35

18k Greenish Yellow Gold (750 Au, 215 Ag, 35 Cu): 65

18k yellow gold (250 Au, 125 Ag, 125 Cu): 120

So actually the 18K green in question is slightly softer than copper but harder than fine silver…should I just use the greenish yellow Alloy?