Is anyone going to MJSA 2023?

I decided last week to go to MJSA and threw together a last minute trip. Is anyone else going? If so, what are you going to be shopping for? For me, it’s seeing what new tools/technology is out there and to buy some stones. It’s so much easier to shop for those kind of things in person instead of on a screen.

There’s probably not time to organize a MJSA Orchid meetup this year, but do any of you have interest in that idea in the future? Like at MJSA, JCK, Tucson, etc? I’ve been to a few Orchid meetups at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, back in the day. They were pretty fun.

I’ll upload some video clips or images if I see anything extra interesting.

Maybe see you there!


I was there today- super fun as always! Someone at the Rio booth welded a complimentary “permanent” bracelet on me, I got to play with the GRS pneumatic gravers at Gesswein, and I saw a very interesting new dust collector at Stuller. And I bought some very pretty dendritic agate.

I spent way too much money on stones! I had to get some of that dendritic agate too. That stuff is cool!!