Is a 4x4x6 inch kiln too small for enameling?


I am getting a great offer on a muffle furnace with dimentions 4in-wide X 4in-high X 6 inch deep. None of my enamel pieces will be bigger than a 54mm circular plate. All will be done on 2.5mm thick fine silver. Each piece will require 10 - 12 firings MINIMUM.

Will this furnace carry out the job? Is it too small and will it create problems? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. The only other option is a 8in-wide X 8in-high X 12in-deep and which is quite more expensive.

Aman - That size kiln will not be too small. However, you will need to make sure that your support does not exceed the inner dimensions of the kiln. The main thing to consider after the internal dimensions is the maximum temperature of the kiln. It needs to exceed the highest temperature that you will be firing at by at least a couple hundred degrees fahrenheit. You don’t want it to shut down once it gets a good soak of heat. I hope this helps.

Thank you for this excellend advice! I ended up making the right choice and got a kiln that goes a couple of hundred degrees HIGHER than the required melting point.

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