Irritating message from Foredom

Today I received a “Thanks for your order!” message from Foredom absent any order details. I haven’t ordered anything from them in a couple of years. I emailed their customer service asking what they think I ordered, noted that I’d placed no orders recently, that if there is indeed an order, this could be identity theft.

Am I the only one who thinks that vendors are using sars-cov-2 as a chance to reach out to sales prospects? This isn’t the only company I’ve had email from in the last month, including companies from whom I explicitly unsubscribed my email address.



Foredom has sent an apology and an assurance that no order was placed in my name. Thank you, Foredom.


Received messages like this, although not from foredom.

Interesting. Just as I was reading your post (as email) I noticed an email to me from Stefano’s Espresso Care:

“Thank you for your order. Its status has been updated to: .”

My guess is businesses are restarting their computers and all is not well.

Neil A

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Perhaps a number of businesses are using the same contact management software. I got this from Stefano’s:

“Our store platform updated, and a glitch is notifying all (!) of our customers that an order was shipped when no current order had been placed.”

So, no fraud, just life with computers, as usual…

Neil A

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Hmmm this would explain it

“Scam & Spam” Please contact the “Customers Order Department” immediately & NOW!!
You should notify them of this SCAM! Get them to give you a reference number of this telephone call. This is in case they send out the shipment and charge your account or c.c.

“Rather Be Safe, than sorry!”

Gerry, on my iPhone

Good catch. But absent an explanation from the vendor, I would contact them and ask (1) what address it is to be delivered to, and (2) what credit card was used—as it could be an instance of identity theft.


I didn’t receive an order email from Foredom, but I did receive an apology email explaining that it was a message sent in error and why it occurred. No credit cards were charged.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where credit card fraud is a reality. One always has to be vigilant.


Since Covid19 started getting serious in North America I have been getting continuous daily spam mail claiming problems with my deliveries. Many of them are using common carrier names, all have a problem with the delivery and need me to respond. The spammers are trying to use online shopping to con us.

I called Foredom and they said there was a server glitch that sent out the emails.

The lady I spoke to apologized and we should ignore them.

I suggest that you click on the hyperlink in the “from” column. This way you can see exactly who is sending you the email without even opening it.