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I have a customer whe very much wants his wedding bands to be made of
Iridium!!..I need as much help as possible on the subject! In my 20
years of being a jeweler, this is a first ( and from what a few of my
friends tell me…hopefully it is ‘a last’)…sooo…where can one get
Iridium?(I llive in Northern VT)…and is it even workable??..I am a
fabricator, not a magician!!..answer me someone…out there!!!
Marion Stegner…Greensboro,

Marion hello!

Iridium is a very brittle metal. It is also a bit crumbly in the
state I am familiar, for alloying with pure platinum. I have not
heard of any attempts to solely work it by itself. You may suggest a
higher iridium content in platinum to make your customer happy.
Consult with a metallurgist at one of the refiners. They would have
knowledge of the limits of higher percentages of Iridium content in
Platinum. Good luck!


I would contact Johnson Matthey. They are a major supplier of
platinum products internationally. You could probably contact
suppliers like Hoover and Strong as well. I am sure they mix their
own alloys and have at least a contact that they use. They have
always been very helpful to me.

I can’t tell you how iridium works but I am sure it is very hard to
use. It has an even higher melting temperature than platinum.

Johnson Matthey
608 fifth Ave
rm. 507
NY NY 10020

Hoover and Strong
10700 trade Road
Richmond VA 23236

Let us all know how it turns out!

Larry Seiger

Hi Marion

I am not sure where Northern VT is, but I assume you live in the USA.
I suggest that you contact one of the precious metal refiners such as
Johnson Matthey in Philadelphia, Pensylvania. They produce Iridium and
I know that it is often alloyed with platinum - particularly for
laboratory ware. Workability of the pure stuff is something I have no
experience in. I would be interested to hear how it works out.

Nils Schwarz
Sua Pan, Botswana