Iridium & exotic metals


Does anyone know where one can get some of the more exotic metals in
1 - 5 troy ounce quantities? How much does iridium cost? I have
seen prices for materials specified on places like “kitco”, but
didn’t know how accurate those are. I also am interested in sources
for rhodium, rhenium, ruthenium, and such. Does Johnson Matthey or
some other supplier of that variety sell to individuals or small
businesses? Wouldn’t it be interesting to buy that ruthenium ring
you always wanted?


Johnson Matthey does their pgm (platinum group metals) salesout of
their new york office in 580 5th ave. a pure ruthenium ring would
not be very practical in that it would be extremely brittle, cheap
but brittle. iridium is i believe the must expensive pgm at
1800-2000/gram depending if your buying or selling. remeber the bid
ask spead in pgm’s is far greater than with gold. millions of
contracts of gold are bought and sold daily, not so with the pgm’s.
Inco in England also is a very good supplier but may be to large.
andrew goodell