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Ionic Cleaners

Was: Rhodium Plating and diamonds black reflection

Hi, Frank

try and ionic cleaner, I have had this work when all else fails to
clean behind set stones. 

I hadn’t happened to hear of ionic cleaners before. I just looked at
the Kassoy web site and it seems
these cleaners are both effective and safe for a wide variety of
stones. Do you concur? What brands do you recommend?

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

I’ve used the Speed-Brite unit for well over a year now. I’d say
it’s about 95% as good as the ultrasonic for most things but it’s
safe for everything. I’ve used it on pearls, turquoise, malachite,
all the “fragile” stones with no problem whatsoever. If the piece can
take ultrasonic before soldering repairs I usually use it instead or
in addition to the ionic. I can’t put my finger on it but there seems
to be some sort of fairly common buildup that the ultrasonic still
gets better than the ionic. Since I do free cleaning I use the ionic
for all of that.


I have only used the Speed Brite brand so that is my only experience.
My studio mate use to use it to clean the oxidation off crocheted
silver pieces that she made. I have used it on pearls, emeralds,
opals. as well as diamonds etc. I highly recommend it. (usual
disclaimer goes here)

Frank Goss

Hi Al,

I’ve used Speedbrite for years. They have small versions and larger
styles. I’ve been quite happy with both the way they work and with
the rapid response I received when I once had a defective unit.

Bev Ludlow
Renaissance Jewelry