Invitation to The JDPN meeting

The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network (JDPN) is having a meeting
in NYC on April 12 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York
City. All are welcome, especially students, so it’s a great chance to
meet some of the members and learn about the great and
opportunities the JDPN has to offer. Designers, metalsmiths and
retailers are welcome to JDPN meetings, the membership is open to
anyone involved in jewelry and related fields. The website at is also a great source of on this nonprofit
organization, so I encourage everyone on the Orchid list to check it
out. The Wednesday meeting will be in room D331 at 6:30 pm at FIT, so
if you are in the NYC area, please stop by! Juliet Gamarci FIT Student
and JDPN intern