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Invisible setting job

This post comes under, “Well, let’s give it a shot…” I just got a
phone call from Baltimore - we’re in San Francisco. This gentleman
was looking for someone to do a job. I told him to call me in the
morning and I could help him more. If he does, well… What he wants
is a locket made with invisible setting on the lid, about 8 ct.s of
goods. I know a few people who do invisible setting, but I’m just not
sure they can make a locket that works with an invisible-set lid
that’s fine. As I told him, you could always just get a locket and
stick a “plate” of invisible setting on the lid, but that’s not
really right, and making such a project properly is on another level
of craftsmanship. This is a shot in the dark because I didn’t even
his name and number. It sounded like he will call, because I said I
would hook up the fax to get his art and like he had gotten solid
"no’s" all day. As I said, I know several people who do that work,
if anyone can, or knows anyone who can, do work like Cartier, I’d
pass it on…

Its just the cynic in me, and no reflection on you at all…but I’d
wonder why/how, he’s calling me from across the continent. 8 cts is a
big locket and big bucks to hand over to someone he’s never dealt
with before.

That aside I hope you make the deal. Interesting, challenging