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Investment mixers

Hello Orchidians !

I wanted to purchase an investment mixer may be a Maxivac17 by Hoben
Davis (now called goldstar powders) Its similar to a Vacuvest KWS
EB-5 or some have even suggested the St Louis ( Cimo srl ) model 82

I normally need to cast maybe 6 to 8 flasks a day and have been
using a bell jar mixer which has been fine and but I think its time
to upgrade now,

Any suggestions,

Cheers everyone and a big thank you to Hanuman for starting this


Hello Pragnesh,

Your question on the investment mixer. We cast upto 30 flasks a day
& we use the Kws 3 flask machine for the past 3 years. The only
limitation being the height of the flask cannot be more than 7inches
high. I hope this answers your question.

In case you want to see the machine come over to IIGJ mumbai. Please
fix aprior appoint appointment.

Warm regards