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Investment and eyes

I invested several 4 inch diameter by 6 Inch tall flasks today. I
wear a dust/chemical mask while investing.

I got to wondering, does anyone wear some sort of dust protections
for the eyes. There is always dust no matter how carefully one
handles investment. It surely gets into the eyes and mixes with

Sure would like to know if there is protection and if so what is


Hi Lee

When I am mixing investment I wear a industrial protective mask so
that I don’t breathe the silica powder into my lungs where it can
potentially do some damage. As far as I know investment powder is not
particularly hazardous to your eyes skin.

All the best

Hi Lee I wear nice respirator for fumes and dust and also use a full
face shield clear I find goggles glasses and fogging a problem so I
use the face shield it manages to keep most debris off my face as in
being a chef I have learned to tilt my chin down and thus the dust
does not go under to get on my cheeks or eyes

Teri nicknamed bu friends Darth Vader for when I am in my gear
eveidently they think its funny me I just ignore them as I am a
safety girl and I yell at them to get out of my studio without
protection lol

Teri in Pittsburgh finding out in the next few weeks where that
permanent address and new studio will be making an offer on a place

Hi Lee.

Maybe one could use the glasses that are available for people who
slice onions to keep the fumes out of their eyes.

Ken Moore

It surely gets into the eyes and mixes with tears. 

That’s what tears are for, to lubricate the eyes and to carry away
any foreign objects like investment dust.

Paf Dvorak