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Inventory and Organizational Tips

Hi. I just wanted to know if any of you have secrets or tips to
keeping your inventory organized and ready for tax time. Thank you,

What kinds of things are you looking for in inventory organization?
All you need is the value at the end of the year. You DO keep a
running total of what’s in stock, don’t you?

David Geller

Hi David, Yes, David I do keep a running total of what’s in stock.
What I was looking for was a better way of keeping all of findings,
etc organized. I have a small studio and tons of findings, stones,
etc. I just wanted to know if someone had a great organizational
system. Thank you for help, Victoria

if you’re lucky enough to find an old wooden printer chest that was
used for storing the typesetting letters it works really well to
store findings and small jem stones. the drawers all have tiny
compartments in them and are fairly shallow. unfortunately where i
come from they’re considered desirable antiques. have only been
able to buy most of one but it works so well i am constantly hoping
to find another.

Talk to you later Dave Otto

Dave Otto, If you really want some more of those type drawers, we
might make a deal depending on where you live! I have about 20
drawers gathering dust and would like to get rid of them. Also I have
a new/used type case with 26 drawers, it’s empty. The Case is in
really excellent shape, except for a small roughed up space on one
side of the top where a slug cutter was bolted, and I wouldn’t give
it away but I would consider selling it. If you are interested drop me
an e-mail and we could discuss it more! JB

Hi Victoria. There are a number of good software products out here
to keep help you keep track of your inventory. Some can even be used
as a Point Of Sale system as well as your inventory and financial
system. The problem with these software packages is that to
effectively use them requires as much effort as running the store,
if not more. Inventory control for small parts like findings will
drive you nuts. Throw in the solder, casting grain and such and by
the time you are through accounting for all of it, you don’t have
time to design, manufacture, and sell your products. I am saying
this assuming that you are a small operation, less than say six or
so people and you don’t have a full time bookkeeper. My accountant
pointed out to me that if my product line was selling jumprings, I
needed to account for all of the jumprings I purchased and sold.
However, if jumprings were “supplies” I used in the manufacturing of
my products, treat them as such.

The point of this is that you need to set a clip level of what is
product that you need to track and what is supplies. I don’t have
the answer for you, as I don’t know your product line or your

Some food for thought.