Introduction - Sandra Gilbert

Hello! I actually joined Sept first, but have been busy. I am a
retired software programmer and live in Washington state.

For the past 10 or so years, I have studied (both through local
classes, internet and many books and subscriptions) the
art of jewelry making. It all began with a seed bead class and has
segued to a shop in the third bay of our garage complete with kiln,
rolling mill and so on. I counted the other day: I have at least 9
stations (enamel, solder, metal clay (two stations: a separate one
for bronze clay), bench, pickle, mill and drill press, flat lap, ring
saw). And my dear husband let me have a sink installed recently.

I collect beach glass, interesting rocks (believe me-we have a lot
of rocks in Washington). I also like to trim and polish stones.

Metal clays are of great interest to me as well as enameling. I am
deeply fascinated by color - and the colors of enamels and those
possibilities keep me awake at night :).

Needless to say, I have too many “things” that I like to do, but
they do dovetail frequently.

I am very grateful to the Ganoskin project - many questions have
been answered and the forums have helped me many times make decisions
(such as NOT buying a hydraulic press until/unless I can attend a

Thank you again and hello to you all, I am a great fan of all of

Sandra Gilbert
Snohomish, Washington