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Introduction (fwd)


Forwarded messageDate: Sun, 3 Nov 1996 00:09:43 +0000
From: Tom Annear
Subject: Introduction

Hello everyone,

My aplologies for not introducing myself earlier - I’ve been lurking
for a while…

I am Tom Annear and I teach Art school Jewellery courses at the
Western Australian School of Art & Design.

I am also a co-examiner for the trade school and I am going back to
Curtin University next year to do the first practical units in my
masters degree [already did a year of theory].

The school is moving into new, purpose built premises next academic
year [February] so I may end up pestering you all with questions
about workshop setup while we get all the bugs sorted out.

I must thank Dr. Aspler and all the people who make this such a
valuable resource for the jewellery community - you all give me
and my students better ways to do things and are really valuable as a
way of solving problems.

Best regards