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Introduction - Ed Colbeth

Hello All,

After a brief hiatus, do to moving across the country, I’m back on
the list! I’m now living in sunny San Diego. I’ll be putting a studio
together as soon as I get the job thing worked out, I play with
computers to make money.

For those who don’t know me:

I have a BFA from UMASS Dartmouth and have taught classes in Boston,
Florence, Italy and at Metalwerx (Hi Karen!), and worked at the R.H.
Pearson Design Studio, in Deer Isle, ME. I’ve studied with John
Heller, Alan Burton Thompson, Susan Hamlet and J. Fred Woel, My work
is mechanical and functional so you can wear it and play with it.
Using tubing and springs, I create pieces that use opposing force to
keep a part of piece centered but moveable. I’m a jack of all trades,
having done reticulation, granulation, filigree, casting, wax work,
mechanisms, fabrication, design, stone setting, cold forging, raising,
enamels, anodizing, patinas.

It’s great to be back on the list and thanks to Dr. Aspler for this
incredible resource!

Ed Colbeth Metal Smith/Computer Geek San Diego 619-846-1908