Introducing - Yasin Dursun SARI

Name: Yasin Dursun SARI
Email: @sari
Address: ODTU Maden Muh. Bol.,
METU Mining Eng. Dept.
06531, Ankara, Turkey

Dear sir, We are a producer of gold and gold alloys firm. We have
problem about the heat treatment of gold alloys. In the process of
22 and 18 carat alloys heat treatment there is a crack problem
while pressing after the heat treatment. I guess this may be due to
the heat treatment or tha alloy percentage and the content (the
alloys that we use: Ni, Ag, Cu, Au).Can we get any knowledge about
the heat degree and duration in the heat treatment process.Can you
suggest any other exact heat treatment process and the content of
gold and gold alloys. I am waiting your answers as soon as
possibble, because we have urgent problem in production. Thanks for
your co-operation. Dr. Dursun SARI

Name: Yasin Dursun SARI
Address: SDU Maden Muh. Bol.
SDU MMF Mining Eng. Dept.

I am related 14 Carat Gold alloys. My problem is the casting of
plaster (lime). It becomes black. I need plaster (lime) casting

Thanks for your help