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Introducing - Ya'akov Almor and Steven Benson

Name: Ya’akov Almor and Steven Benson
Email: @inside
Address: MarketDirect 21, Yigal Alon St. 46324 Herzliya ISRAEL

MarketDirect is a business-communications specialist which
enables diamond, gem and jewelry exporters to reach their defined
target audiences, build channels of communication, and deliver
their message in the most effective way possible.

MarketDirect does this by providing a wide range of marketing
tools. Each tool is selected according to the specific marketing
goals of the client, and may change according to the size,
location and nature of the target audience, and the type of
that the client wishes to deliver

The two partners in MarketDirect are Steven Benson and Ya’akov


South African-born Steven Benson began his career in the
communications field in 1986, and in the years that followed
worked as a correspondent, editor and production manager in the
printed and electronic media in Israel and the United States. For
four years, he served as editor-in-chief of a series of
professional magazines serving the diamond, colored gemstone and
jewelry sectors, put out by the U.S.-based JCK International
Publishing Group, which itself is part of the Reed-Elsevier
international conglomerate. During the same period, he produced,
for a range of companies and organizations, marketing and
promotional materials designed for mass distribution. Mr. Benson
immigrated to Israel in 1978, and graduated with a first degree
from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1982. In 1987, he
completed a masters degree in mass communication from the
University of Denver in the United States.


Born in the Netherlands, Ya’akov Almor immigrated into Israel in
1982. He first served as a public and development
officer at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and in 1987 was
appointed associate editor at International Diamond Publications
Ltd. in Ramat Gan. He left the position in 1988 for a two-year
stint as director of public relations for Israel Precious Stones
and Diamonds Exchange and the Israel Emerald Cutters Association.
There he worked in business development and represented the
organizations at international trade shows and other industry
events. In 1990 he joined the private sector, as marketing and
sales director of Colgem Ltd., one of Israel’s leading colored
gemstone manufacturers and exporters. He also has worked as a
free-lance journalist, and public relations and marketing
consultant. Mr. Almor is a graduate of the University of
Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and completed post-graduate studies
at the University of Tel Aviv.