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Hi Everyone,

I’d hoped to do this in a more comfortable posture, burt here I am
bent over a coin-op internet machine in tyhe Boston airport where I
am stormstayed en route to Tucson. But that5’s another (horror)

What I want to tell you about is the new, online, lapidary, gem, and
love-of-stone magazine “Lapidary World”. As some of you may know,
I’ve written for a number of lapidary and gem publications and for
TV productions; after a number of false starts it came time, I
thought, to bring out my own.

You’ll find it at

And this is it. Rushed rushed rushed in time for Tucson, only the
first three storiers are thoroughly proofread. It will get better,
and better. This is one for the long term. Already, in this first
issue, it’s full of gem and lapidary lore and and
adventure stories from around the world.

So welcome to Lapidary World. All the rest is explained in the first
page or two. You’ll enjoy it I’m sure. And if you are in Tucson - as
I hope to be after this crazy boston chaos - why not come chat and
say hello at the Alpha Supply booth in the Electric Park show

Hans Durstling