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Introducing - Victoria Buckley

Name: Victoria Buckley
Email: @vbj
Address: Shops 108-110 The Strand Arcade
Sydney, Australia

I’m a self employed jeweller in Sydney, Aust. I work from my
shop in the city , and also am studying hand engraving

Hi Victoria and welcome to Orchid. This is a great international
resource and vehicle for communication among jewelry makers
worldwide. I see you are in the Strand Arcade and wonder if my
friend Bruce Kalgor is still there. If so, please tell him I say
hello. Alan Revere

Welcome Victoria, Good to see a fellow hand engraver. Are you
must be doing the last year at Enmore Tafe? If so, we will see
you February, as my son and I are doing it also, along with some
very interesting students. There should be approximately 12 in
the class.

Regards and good luck for Christmas Peter Huxley

Hi Victoria, how nice to see your name come up on the Orchid
list. Best wishes and welcome to the best list for jewellers I’ve
yet come across. It’s good to see that you have plunged into this
particular digital pool of knowledge - you will be delighted at
the breadth and depth of stuff that our digital colleagues know.

All the best for the Season, Victoria, and have a profitable and
happy one. Kind regards, Rex Merten (Yes, still teaching at tech’
and looking forward to hols.)

Hi Alan. This is my first message here, so Im not sure how to
send it specifically to you, so heres hoping. The name Bruce is
familiar, is he the other guy who works with Ray in Rox?

Thank you for the lovely welcome. What a surprise to see
familiar names in one of my internet forays. I find the
atmosphere of generosity of spirit here a completely positive
thing for the trade, something Rex I know you will appreciate.
You have what the best in the trade have- openess and a
willingness to learn.
Here’s to Orchid!

Hi Peter, It is nice to speak to another local. I have to
confess Im a drop out at Tafe!. This year has been a tough one
and I ahve had a lot of business developments to deal with . I am
still however learning engraving through a private teacher. He’s
one of the old school, and is very generous with his time and
knowledge. He doesnt want me to tell people who because he
thinks he’ll we swamped with requests from other jewellers.
He’s probably right too, especially since there wont be a school
much longer.
Where are you based?