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Introducing - Tracey M Jenkins

Tracey M Jenkins
Green Spot Studio
Bridgewater, MA. USA

As a child, I had the bag of junk jewelry =A6 the collection of
discarded pieces of costume jewelry that friends and family donated
for me and my sister to play dress up with. I systematically
disassembled every stone and moveable component from every piece in
that bag. While I was thrilled with the final result =A6 my bag of
diamonds (foil backed glass) =A6 I was very disappointed when I
realize I had no clue how to put it all back together again. So, this
led to my interest in becoming a jeweler.

My undergrad education includes a BFA with a concentration in
Industrial Design. Like any good explorer, I attend a few different
colleges (including Mass College of Art in Boston, Lorenzo D Medici
in Florence, Italy and Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts)
where I studied a multitude of different art techniques and styles.
My technical training as a jeweler occurred at North Bennet Street
School, in Boston, MA. While obtaining a bench jeweler certificate
from the school, I worked along side a repair jeweler and a stone
setter for “real world” experience.

Currently, I am fabricating custom pieces for private clients for my
company along custom work for a local jeweler.

I love my job =A6 as I know many of you do =A6 and look forward to
learning and sharing with you all.