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Introducing - Tom Chatham

Name: Tom Chatham
Email: @tcemerald
Address: 111 maiden lane san francisco, ca 94108

I’m a real bad guy in the gemstone world…I grow gems! I do it
so people like Richard can write books and make tons of money.
I’m now trying to make Debeers real happy with our new diamond.
'Wish I could be a fly on their wall! I’m open to just about any
questions concerning the activities in our product category,
lab. grown There are far fewer gemstone crystal
growers in the world than most people think. so it’s not to
difficult to sould real smart. To pull up what we do, go to other wise just ask. Tom Chatham

Tom C, I woud love to here more about your’e new diamond plans.
What promted you to go into this line of bisness, I cant
comprehend the chemistry nessary! Well, that enough questioning
for today :slight_smile: It is pleasure to have you on-line. Amber