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Introducing -- Tobey Robinson

Tobey Robinson
Burnaby, BC

I keep seeing all these fabulous introductions, and I have no
clue how and when people are prompted to do it. I hope I am
doing this right…

I am 23 and just graduated from a 2 year full time Jewellery Art
and Design program June of 97. I feel like I’ve had a good
beginning, but now I’m looking for more. There are some specific
techniques which I am most interested in learning more about such
as: smithing, fusing (never even learned that!), plique-a-jour
enamelling (no one seems to be doing that anymore…) and stone
setting. Since taking the course, I’ve been mostly
procrastinating but partially cowering. Finally things seem to
be falling into place for me, with a business class I am taking
and a trade show I am part of in March.

If anyone knows of any workshops or fabulous books in the areas
I have mentioned above, could you please e-mail me?

I’ve been following discussions for a little while now, and you
all seem like such a supportive bunch of people. I think that’s
hugely necessary in this constant-crises sort of work/art we are

Thanks tonnes!