Introducing - TechForm

Name: TechForm
Email: @TechForm
Address: 5476 SE International Way Portland, OR 97222

(503) 652-5224 FAX: (503) 652-6152

TechForm provides the highest quality Platinum castings from
your designs. We have no line of our own and strictly protect the
designs of our customers. With advanced technology we have
provided excellent yields in Platinum castings ranging from 90 to
100% on most configurations. We cast with a 2 million Hz high
frequency induction casting furnace with an infa-red temperature
control. We use the state of the art with programable electric
kilns for a proper firing curve. Our investment system stems
from decades of experience in aerospace and orthopedic casting
industries. The process works there and is ideal for Platinum
castings as well. Although we have cast gold and silver for some
special local customers, we are considered as primarily a
Platinum casting source for most people in the Jewelry industry.
Give us a try! Send a wax and see the difference a well
engineered process can make. If you have any questions call,
FAX, or e-mail us. We want your Platinum casting business. We will
even have a Web-Page up soon with a lot of important information
available on it. We hope to hear from you soon!