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Introducing - Suzanne Wade

Name: Suzanne Wade
Email: @rwade
Address: 24 Rock St.
Mansfield, MA 02048


I’m a contributing editor to AJM magazine, responsible for the
magazine’s soon-to-be-introduced “Trade Tips” column. The column
will feature bench tips, marketing hints, and other “tidbits” of
for the professional jeweler. I’m interested in Orchid
to both seek out possible contributions to the column, as well as
to contribute what I can based on seven years of writing for the
gem and jewelry industries. Anyone interested in reaching me
directly can e-mail at @rwade or phone 508-339-7366.

AJM Magazine is published by Manufacturing Jewelers &
Silversmiths of America. It is the only magazine in the world
dedicated solely to the needs of the manufacturing jeweler.
Anyone interested in more info on AJM can check out our Web site

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself, and I look
forward to getting to know all of you.

Suzanne Wade
Contributing Editor
AJM Magazine