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Introducing - Susan Embler

Name: Susan Embler
Email: @silverart
Address: 722 Southgate Lane
Dallas, TX 75217

Hi there, I guess that I would have to describe myself as a
"baby" metalsmith. I got my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry
Design from the University of North Texas last December. My
whole point in getting a BFA was to teach on the secondary level,
which I am now doing. I have been presented with the challenge
of starting a jewelry program at our school ( on practically no
budget at all) We have our second critique tomorrow–a textured
cuff bracelet. I’m still wrestling with the "powers that be"
about the ability to use a torch in class. That issue is

I love this medium so much. I never dreamed it could be so
extensive. There are so many techniques, and it seems that one is
lucky to master even a few in a lifetime.

I primarily work with silver, although do work with gold when
commissioned to do so or making gifts. I’m particulary
fascinated by marriage of metal techniques, fiber techniques, and
cloisonne enameling.

Aside from indulging in this marvelous diversion, I have 3
teenage daughters, a pre-teen son, a spouse, a big dog, 3 noisy
cats, and a much noisier bird. I made the kids take the tiny
turtle back to the creek this afternoon, but I let them keep the

Glad to make your acquaintance!

Susan E. in Big D.