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Introducing - Steve Klepinger

Name: Steve Klepinger
Email: @kstevens
Address: 870 W. Dansville Rd. Mason, Michigan, USA 48854


My name is Steve Klepinger and I’m a bench jeweler with 20 years
of experience in both jewelery repair and fabrication. I’m currently
seeking the knoweledge and inspiration of jewelery design. Many
years ago, I had the opportunity to learn first hand, the art of
jewelery repair and fabrication for a 50-yr. vetern. Unfortunatly,
he passed away before I was old enough to truly appreciate him.
Now, with this service, I have the same opportunity only on a much
greater scale to learn from those not only with more experience than
myself but with different prospectives on the art. I also hope to
help those just starting out with whatever advice I can offer and
hope it might prove to be of value to them. I look forward to
communicating with all of you soon!