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Introducing - Stella Samson


Since I’ve been putting my .02 in every once in a while, I
thought I’d introduce myself.

My name is Stella Samson. I have been makeing jewelry for about
eight years and do wax-carving,casting,stone setting,stone
cutting and carving(haven’t tried facetting
yet),fabrication,pearl and bead hand knotting, and all the rest
of the fun stuff.

I am a Graduate of the Jewelry and Goldsmithing Technology
program at Highline Community College and read everything that I
can get my hands on and take as many seminars as I possibly can.
My father was a Jeweller and watchmaker and taught me how to hand
knot and how to polish metal as a young child to keep me out of
trouble in his shop as I was the child that wouldn’t stay out of
his shop.

I really enjoy this group as I am learning even more and can
contribute from my small knowledge as well.

Thanks for being here!!!

Stella Samson
e-mail - @MOIRAG2112
voice/fax (206)256-0092