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Introducing - Shelley Anne Trask

Shelley Anne Trask
Oakland, CA. USA,

I have been making jewelry for roughly 9 years on and off. I started
in college, as electives to my fine art drawing and painting major,
and have continued to make silver jewelry on my off time from my day
job. My short term goal is to get my business up and running, my
website built, and to get my work into smaller boutique-type shops
around the Bay Area. My work is organic, very hand made-looking, and
made of mostly sterling silver with the occasional cabochon stone
set in place. I do mostly hand fabrication, with the occasional
casting (when I have the class workshop to do it in). I work at home,
in a 1-bedroom apartment with (so far) no complaints from the
neighbors. Any work-at-home tips would be appreciated.