Introducing - Shawn Gibbs

Name: Shawn Gibbs
Email: @neophytesg
Address: 20055 SW Palouse St.
Aloha, OR 97006

Greetings! Following a recent retirement on disability I’ve begun
indulging in lapidary and metal-working projects as a means of keeping
myself sane. My projects are … well … rather odd (kinda like me I
suppose!). For lack of a better term, I call them “mythic artifacts”. I
take a general fantasy, mythological, archaeological theme (eg. elves,
mermaids, egyptian, vampires) and create fictional artifacts along that
theme. Most of them are daggers and swords, but there are a smattering of
pendants, talismans, rings and other jewelry among them as my muses see
fit. With very, very few exceptions, all the blades are stone and never
intended to be functional – just art.

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