Introducing - Sharon I McGilvery

Sharon I McGilvery
Brigham City, UT.USA

well, what can I say? My interests are broad in jewelry and other
mediums, which it seems wind up in my jewelry. I have worked in lost
wax and love the medium. Beads have been in my jewelry making for
25yrs. I also love wire working I have doing this for 10yrs on/off.
Currently, I am working with metal clay. I have been interested in
this medium since it first came out but due to family crisis put
everything on hold. Now, is my time to experiment and create works of
art in jewelry. I am 64yrs young, retired and have much catching up
to do. I did have a jewelry peice created using cast silver(Shaman),
turquoise, and beads selected for the Beads & Beyond show in 2000, I
have won 1st place in several photography shows, my best was judged
and award by Art Wolfe in 1980 multi state competion. I have sculp
and cast peices in Bronze and would do more but the cost is quite
expensive. I love people, dogs and children (they can be very
refreshing). I am a grandmother of four, two girls & two boys. I
teach my grandchildren to paint, sculp, photography, jewelry making
and various arts & crafts. I feel art is extremely important in all
our lives. I know have written a book and hope you enjoyed it. I also
have a wicked sense humor (all clean, I asure you)…Sharon