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Introducing - Sara Staysa

Name: Sara Staysa
Email: @desert1a
Address: 10 Forbes Ct. Suite 2, Brantford, On. Ca. N3T 4B3

I make jewelry from hand made paper, leather and wood. I like
make my pieces in junky sizes. Most are of a spiritual nature. I
would love hear from any using leather as it is difficult to
process and uses too many toxic materials,I would appreciate any
news of new processes that reduce the dangers.

Name: Sara Staysa
Email: @radco
Address: 10 Forbes Court, Brantford, ON N3T 4B3

I am anthropological jeweler and true to my Seneca roots work to
voice inside me. I am fasinated in the way ancient peoples have
told their stories in their adornments. I work in metal, wood,
leather and semi-precious stones. I have just put my before jury
and my work will be at the Art Gallery of Ontario and in the
Craft Connoisseur Catalogue for the fall/winter edition. I look
forward to listening and sharing with all of you. Sara