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Introducing - Ron Garner

Name: Ron Garner
e-mail: @Ron_Garner
Sacramento, California

Hi, I’m not in the jewelry business, but am interested in some
of the techniques you use. For example, the thread on jewelry
photography was helpful in photographing some seals and beads I

I have a question about electrolytic reduction that maybe
someone can answer for me. Instead of using the equipment to
electroplate an object, I use it to clean very corroded old
copper objects. The old corroded copper object is made the
cathode and stainless steel, the anode (positive electrode).

One problem is that the stainless steel becomes corroded quickly
(as expected) and is difficult to clean. Furthermore, stainless
steel anodes are fairly expensive. So I have cheated a little
and started using old stainless steel spoons and forks in lieu of
the expensive sore-bought stainless steel anodes. Will the
stainless steel forks and spoons somehow contaminate or otherwise
mess up the electrolytic cleaning process I’m trying to do? Does
anyone have any suggestions?