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Introducing - Roland Gerson/ THE FINE LINE ( TFL )

Name: Roland Gerson/ THE FINE LINE ( TFL )
Email: @tfl
Address: P.O. Box 282 Weiser, Idaho 83672

I am a master wax carver/designer. Due to the success of a line
of jewelry created by my wife and myself, I am now semi-retired,
and in a position to pursue part time teaching, also. The line
is called "Wish Rings"tm, which you can see in the June, July,
or August issues of JCK or National Jeweler.

I began my career in 1972,fabricating southwestern style jewelry.
After 6 years, I added karat gold jewelry and casting to the
services I provided. For the next 3 years, I worked as a
goldsmith apprentice, having the good fortune to work with 2
gifted wax carvers, one being 3rd generation. Two of these years
were spent doing repairs, on everything from modern designs to
very fine antique pieces.

After my apprenticeship, I set up my own business, doing only wax
related work and stone setting for the trade. I have developed
one line, consisting of over fifty pieces for a long time
account, which is still selling well, after several years. I
then developed a line of 35 to 40 mm jet airliners for another
account, and a line of bird pendants, using Audubon sketches. I
have been fortunate enough to work with award winning designers,
bringing their renditions to realism in jewelry.

I have designed tools for the trade, which are sold through Rio
Grande. These include the “Little Wax Trimmer”, and the

As an instructor, my emphasis is on speed and proficiency in wax
carving, by avoiding common time consuming mistakes and teaching
shortcuts from lay-out to finished product. As a carver for the
industry I’m always striving to excell in quality. From wire-work
to figurines, the greater the challenge, the more I enjoy it.