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Introducing - Robert Wayne

Name: Robert Wayne
Email: @plastics
Address: 9115 Lafitte Blvd., North Benton, Ohio 44449

62 Yr.old ex-Deputy Sheriff. Gold/Silversmith specializing in
Jewelry repair (precious,costume and antique jewelry repair) 8
Years experience. Closed up successful downtown jewelry repair
shop (Youngstown,Ohio) 7 years ago because of invention which led
me into the plastics industry business which I still own. I am
gradually backing off the plastic business and my employees are
runing it for me. I recently purchased a sizable amount of jewelry
equipment and set up shop in my home. I rember very little about
the trade so i’ll have to start over again as a novice. I bought
most of the necessary equipment and will be vacuum casting,plating
etc. I plated quite a bit before but never cast,and vacuum is
foreign to me now.