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Introducing - robert taylor smith

Name: robert taylor smith
Email: @rsmith4587
Address: 647 Lavelle ct. Santa Maria, Ca.93455

self taught metalsmith for 23 years i owned and operated a
custom design and repair studio for 15 years in Virginia,I
recently sold “the farm” and moved to sunny central coast of
Calif.(my childhood home),currently working on getting my new
work out into the market somehow, its new to me. I am a graduate
gemologist, and have taught metalsmithing workshops in Wva.,
Va.,Ohio, a current member of the N.C. goldsmith guild and the
Washington D.C. guild of goldsmiths. I am excited about my new
direction, could use imput from others on how to approach the
marketplace without a commercial studio for retail?..I teach Tai
Chi at a local college and to seniors, not being in retail has
opened this up for a quality time to serve others.