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Introducing - Rick and Kristi Stutt

Name: Rick and Kristi Stutt
Email: @YRRAPR
Address: R.R. #1 Box 59 Agency, Iowa 52530

Rick and I (Kristi) are expert wire-wrappers. Our pieces are
created using gold, gold-filled, sterling, platinum, copper,
niobium, brass, or nickel wire (alone or in combination) Almost all
of our work contains faceted or cabachon “gems” i.e. precious,
semi-precious, or “hardly” precious (beautiful, intriguing stones
that may or may not impress the gem world, but create stunning

Wire-wrapping has a long history, dating back thru ancient Egypt,
and we utilize the old methods in creation of our pieces (using no
solder or adhesives) but only the square, round, or twisted wire to
secure the stone and create the setting.

Rick is a lapidary and cuts some outstanding cabs (calibrated and
freeform)and some really unique doublets! (That’s why I married

We met it Tucson 2 years ago this February 7. I was set up
selling and wire-wrapping and he was out from Dallas to purchase
stones and rough for his own little lapidary/wire-wrapping
business. We talked about three hours at the show and then traded
cards. We got married six months later!

Now, we “work” (hah! everyone should be so lucky) on the enclosed
back porch of this ole Iowa farm house, watch the wildlife, feed
the deer, and get inspired to make masterpieces. We travel the
gem-show/art show circuits, but we’re young “in the business” and
have a lot to learn about marketing our art/jewelry. I just found
this site tonite, and we’re both so excited and looking forward to
looking at the rest of the site