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Introducing - Richard Rawlinson

Name: Richard Rawlinson
Email: @rrawl
Address: 2423 Cheim Blvd. Marysville, Ca. 95901

I am a school teacher in California, whose wife is a jeweler. I
have lately begun perusing the net for regarding
points of for my wife. Would love to hear from
jewelers specifically about problems we encounter, or just to

There is a current problem we’ve been looking for for nearly a
year now. We were told by a jeweler friend that it is possible
to do etching of silver jewelry by using a salt water solution
and a car battery charger. (Thereby avoiding the toxicity of
silver nitrate or nitric or other acids). Is this true? Does
anyone know anything about it? Percent solutions, times, etc. Is
this just a myth? I hope it’s o.k. to ask about this on this
site. If not, please forgive my ignorance. Thanks for your help
and patience. Richard Rawlinson