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Introducing - Peter G Johns

Name: Peter G Johns
Company: Technical Director, Argentium Silver Co. Ltd
Email: @Peter_G_Johns


I am the inventor of Argentium Sterling Silver and Technical
Director for Argentium Silver Co. Ltd.

I trained and worked as a silversmith for twelve years and I am a
Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and the City of
London. During my apprenticeship, I won a Gold Medal at the
Industrial Olympics as well as several awards for craftsmanship. My
masterpiece to gain the freedom of The Goldsmiths’ Company was a
silver cross, which is now the Processional Cross used at Canterbury
Cathedral. I am also a Fellow of The Institute of Professional
Goldsmiths. Through my research into silver alloys, I have
developed international links and working relationships with leading
manufacturing companies.

Argentium Sterling Silver was developed through my research at
Middlesex University, where I worked within the School of Art,
Design and the Performing Arts. Initial research focused upon the
prevention of firescale in sterling silver and further research
revealed other superior properties of the alloy, including high
tarnish resistance.

My current responsibilities are to direct the research activities
and product development program for Argentium Silver Co. Ltd. This
involves liaising with manufacturing companies, providing technical
support and working closely with their technical teams. I am also
responsible for promoting the technical benefits of Argentium
Sterling Silver through lectures, presentations and practical
demonstrations across the globe.

Welcome Peter, I am fascinated by this sterling silver product. It
would remedy a lot of problems I have encountered in mass production
silver casting.

How long has this product been available? How can I get it? Do you
have vendors in the USA? I would like to to try Argentium Silver as
a casting and as a fabrication metal.

I look forward to your future posts and technical expertise.

Sara D. Grinnell
Studio C Designs
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St. Louis Park, MN 55416
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